Step 1 - Go To The Ticket Page

Click here to go to the ticket page.

Step 2 - Click “Enter a Password or Discount Code”

Just below the “general” tickets you can click the words “Enter a Password or Discount Code.”


Step 3 - Enter the password “north”

Type in the password "north" and then click “Show Available Tickets.”

Step 4 - Select a Ticket Quantity and click “Add To Cart”

The number of tickets you get is determined by how much you gave to the Kickstarter campaign. If you forgot, you can email me at and I’ll remind you.  You for sure gave $25+ because otherwise you wouldn’t have received this email link. Here’s the breakdown…

  • $25-$49 - 2 reserved seats
  • $50-$99 - 4 reserved seats
  • $100-$249 - 6 reserved seats
  • $250+ - 8 reserved seats
Step 4_01.jpg

Step 5 - Complete Order

The website will walk you through the process to complete your order.  Once completed, the Icehouse will have a list with your name on it and the number of attenders so you can get in the night of the show.

So excited to see you all there!